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Birthday gift to my good friend
I made this image to a good friend of mine who celebrates her birthday 1/22/17. Happy Birthday HarleenQuinzell~
Captain America coloring exercise
While working on schoolwork I thought I show my digital coloring progress.
Underfantasy Page7
Flowey explains to the human how the pellet works, and tries to persuade him to touching it...

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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am currently a Senior at Savannah College of Art and Design. I major in Sequential arts (comic arts), and I am interesed in Manga/anime but am looking at other styles and developing my own style.

I'm interested in doing commission works (original works or fanart works). If any are interested, please note to me and inform me what would you like to be done. I am trying to build my own style of manga art, but i find inspiration from the naruto style more than any other, The detail is very nice.

Current Residence: Atlanta, Georgia
Favourite genre of music: music soundtracks (games, movies, etc)
Favourite style of art: Manga, anime, etc
Favourite cartoon character: Aisha Clan Clan, Xigbar (its me :o ), Gaara, etc
Personal Quote: Live every day as if it were your last.
Here are a list of story arcs that are developed and/or in development right now. These are only first versions but the titles are what they seem to be about: This is an indie story/comic.

Cloo: A young man awakens to find himself in an odd setting, a world of fairy tales who live in the city of Grimmsdale. Unaware of his past memories of who he is or where he came from, he is helped by two people: Gene (Genie from Arabian knights) and Chessie, a long lost relative of Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland). He somehow gets himself caught between a gang war: The Wolfe Gang (BBW:RRH) and The Reds (RRH), but he gets rescued by a lone wolfe named Evie who actually recognizes him, but he is unable to remember her. Cloo is taken to a doctor to be checked on, but the test results come out unknown as to his amnesia. He does however have some kind of strange bite/wound on his arm that is unclear from where which gets bandaged up. Without a name to go by Gene, and Chessie tell him they will help find clues to his Identity of the name "Cloo". Evie doesn't say much for she is afraid to tell him where he is from and what had happened to his universe. Meanwhile deep in the city national forest park (miles away from where Cloo is at), several wolves/lycans come across a fallen structure in the middle of the forest which is alien to them.

Wonder-land: Its the next day since Cloo had stayed with Gene and Chessie. Cloo suffers from a little Cabin fever Gene offers to take Cloo on a tour of the town. Chessie Recommends him to go to the Wonder-land District, where they all go to a bar called "Hatters TeaTime". Unsure that it is an actual bar he decides to go with them, only to see the entrance isn't exactly what it seems. After having an odd entrance he meets with Al Hatter grandson of Mad Hatter. He isn't as "mad" as his grandfather, but he can be goofy. Chessie is a regular to this location and is also friends with Doormouse and Hare. Cloo takes in the culture of the bar and the town itself, and finds the city itself pretty nestalgic but still unsure from where. Meanwhile Evie maintains a great distance from them, especially Cloo since she doesn't want to interfere too much with him and his dorment memories, but she is then met up with some Wolfe family members who tell her she is summoned by her father. Cloo's wound feels itchy and he begins to feel woozy only to faint, which then visions begin to fill his mind. He is taken back to Gene and Chessies place where the town doctor takes a look at Cloos wound again and upon further inspection it seems that there is some kind of poison running in his blood stream and needs something to cure it.

Gangs of Grimm:

Neverland and the missing kids:

Jack thee Arsonist:



Big Bad Wolfe?

Cloo and Evie:




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